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Learn of the struggles these children faced and how Show-Me Christian Youth Home turned their lives around so they could become successful adults.


Aaron’s Story

“Before [Show Me], I felt I was not worth much because I couldn’t do anything: I was 15, had no skills, except being able to play video games. Now, I had people who cared and wanted to invest in me…for ME. They challenged me and taught me how to be a man.”

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Jon McCullem

Jon’s Story

“Show-Me is an arm of God’s grace. It was a big influence that helped steer me to the successful life I have now. I am merely one instance of how your efforts have helped change lives.”

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Kayla’s Story

“Show-Me was the first time I felt successful. The school allowed me to feel in control of my life and my future. I set my pace and could still do my own thing, but with their structure, I found success. ”

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Shambrishia’s Story

“Not only did Show Me allow me to be a part of the Show -Me family, they also gave me a loving, caring, patient, understanding family to call my own.”

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